Great Xiaomi Mi 5 for your Nimbuzz Messenger App

Great Xiaomi Mi 5 for your Nimbuzz Messenger App

Did you get Nimbuzz for your new  Xiaomi Mi5? Xiaomi has got the repute of manufacturing very great phone at extremely incredible prices. This can never be much of a truth that with the newly unveiled Xiaomi Mi 5. Mi 5 is a smartphone with specs and features that can compete with galaxy S7 or iphone, but will cost you some ‘peanuts’. It is rather bad that most probably you’re not going to purchase one.

The Company, Xiaomi, has put a lot of effort in the manufacture of Mi 5, giving it a great look. The device has got a premium feel, whereby its edges are metallic much alike with the Galaxy S6 Edge. Scarcely surprisingly, as this company has got the trend and record of borrowing some design elements from its costlier competitors.

Xiaomi Mi Build-Design

The body of this gadget is made up of a ceramic material that is highly polished. Its slightly curved back makes it very comfortable while holding. The bezel of the device is scarcely noticeable, a fact that make it easy to reach most of the screen with your thumb. Additionally, the body of this smartphone tapers towards the edges, making it feel very thin.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Top Specs

There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 under the hood. This is the same processor that has been used in the new LG G5 and Galaxy S7. The RAM of the device is 3GB LPDDR4. I just played with the phone for a few minutes, but it is hard to tell how it will perform in the market. Although, basing on what I saw, there was no lag as the smartphone was very responsive throughout. When it comes to the display of the device, it has got an awesome 5.15-inches of Full HD IPS panel. The beautiful display looks as good as the one for Galaxy S7.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera

The smartphone features a 16-MP rear camera, and a 4-MP sensor front camera. After just a few minutes of using the device, it is rather hard to judge the quality and efficiency of the camera. Although, Xiaomi Mi 5 captured amazingly great looking images. Although, they weren’t as good as the ones you would have captured with Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s. In there, there is a 4-axis stabilization; note that iPhone uses just 3-axis. Although some of the photos were too blurry if the smartphone was moved a little more than expected.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Cost

The Company, Xiaomi, sells its gadgets at close to cost. Therefore, Mi 5 will sale at ¥2600 in China for the high-end model and ¥1999 for the basic version. It translates to $260 for the latter and $350 for the high-end, prices that are incredibly cheap for devices that can compete with Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6s.

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